Scottsdale Arizona Landmarks

Scottsdale Arizona is a place to visit if you want o have fun and to take a glimpse into nature, history and culture. Its many museums and natural parks have made this town famous all over the US. Many people come here to admire the butterflies in Butterfly Wonderland or to enjoy an ATV ride along the dunes of the desert. However, many tourists come to relax and enjoy the beauty of the palce, so let’s see what are the main landmarks in Scottsdale Arizona.

The Old Town is something you shouldn’t miss. Its streets and buildings tell the history of this area, so you can have a glimpse into the past while wandering around.

The Cosanti Foundation is one of the historic sites in the town. If you’re lucky, you can see the workers pouring the bronze castings. This is something you don’t see every day, so you should probably schedule your trips around this activity. Anyway, even when there’s no work, you can still admire the impressive architecture of the building.

The Scottsdale Civic Center is the place to go if you love sculpture and visual arts in general. This large park is home to lots of fountains and sculptures, but also the host of various events and art shows. There are several restaurants in the park, so you don’t need to bring sandwiches with you.

Eldorado Park is the perfect place to hang around when you have nothing better to do. It features a swimming pool and a small fitness center. In addition, it has lots of toys and features for entertaining the children, so it can be one of the top attractions for families with kids.

As you can see, there are several landmarks that make Scottsdale one of the places to visit during your trip to Arizona. If you plan your trip wisely, you can participate to various festivals and attend regular events that are organized here. There’s something here to do all year round, so it would be very hard to say which is the best time to visit. As a matter of fact, the best time is the time when you have your holiday, so consider planning a trip to this wonderful place. Don’t forget you can experience some adventure trips while here, so make sure you do your homework properly before you come.

If you enjoy watching sports, the Scottsdale Stadium should be on your priorities list.