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Scottsdale Arizona Landmarks

Scottsdale Arizona is a place to visit if you want o have fun and to take a glimpse into nature, history and culture. Its many museums and natural parks have made this town famous all over the US. Many people come here to admire the butterflies in Butterfly Wonderland or to enjoy an ATV ride along the dunes of the desert...

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Scottsdale Arizona Tours That You Will Certainly Enjoy

When you go on a tour in Scottsdale, you want to choose ones that will let you see aspects of the city that are absolutely fantastic. You may have never been there before, so you will want to know what you are looking at, and get to experience everything that the city has to offer...

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Scottsdale AZ – A City For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Scottsdale AZ is located in the Sonoran Desert and sits in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains. The city also borders on Phoenix and is considered one of the country’s most desirable communities. There is a vibrant downtown which many feel is Arizona’s best urban center. The city’s downtown is populated by 320 retail shops, 90 restaurants, and more than 80 galleries.


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